Pivot to the Pacific Part Two? Part Three? Whatever…

  GHQ, a company I think I’ve mentioned in every one of my posts, has just announced their production plan for 2014-2015.  The list (which appears about half-way down the page) has lots of good stuff but they haven’t worked out production dates yet.  The most interesting for me with regards to this post are the 1/2400 modern warships.  there were no new PRC PLAN ships announced but they did announce their first JMSDF ships.  The first is the Hyuga class DDH, the aircraft carrier that’s not an aircraft carrier, and the Takanami class DDG.  GHQ is also planning on producing the Royal Navy Type 45 DDG which is the first update for their RN line in more than 20 years.  The final modern unit announced is the the San Antonio class LPD, USS New York.

   I think these JMSDF ships are a solid choices.  Viking Forge already produces many other JMSDF ships and the new vessels from GHQ will complement those without competing with them.  I previously purchased a 3-D printed Hyuga from Shapeways so I’m eager to get my hands on one from GHQ for a direct comparison. 

   The Type 45 however is a curious choice in my mind.  The Type 21 and Type 22 Frigates and the Type 42 Destroyers in the GHQ catalog are Falklands War versions and were disposed of a long before the Type 45 entered service.  The Invincible class offered in the catalog is the wrong version to serve alongside a Type 45 but at least there is overlap in service.  Essentially there are two periods represented by the GHQ RN catalog items, Falklands War and modern day.  It would have been nice to see a Type 23 or even a Type 22 Batch 3 come down the ways at GHQ at some point in the last 20 years but that’s the way it goes.

   New York, LPD-21, is another interesting choice.  I’m sure I’ll get one or two but I can’t decide if they’re useful or not from a gaming perspective.  Sure its cool that part of the ship is constructed from steel recycled from the WTC after the 9/11 bombing but without additional expeditionary strike group units it becomes another one-off.  It could be useful in a small scale scenario assaulting an isolated island garrison/radar station/ESM station or whatever but then again if it is a target small enough that 700 marines and a handful of helicopters can take it why not just use a dozen TLAM?  Paired with GHQ’s excellent LHD, and Viking Forge’s LSDs it begins to provide some expeditionary assault capability.  Hmmm… Maybe it will come with V-22 Ospreys.  Now that would be something.