Life is elswhere

So my discussion about Green Stuff inspired me to try a project of my own.  I’ve cleared my calendar of all the things I have to do and its time to do something I want to do.  Thinking about what would make a good first project I suddenly remembered one that has been languishing for four or five years.  I had constructed what would be a war monument intended to be part of a 1/285 scale city park diorama.  I was inspired for that project by this…


The full tutorial for how this scene was constructed can be found here.  My monument featured a rectangular base, laminated pedestal and a GHQ 10mm Napoleonic figure on horseback.  All that was lacking was some suitable plaque/medallion on the sides of the pedestal.  Something like this in concept.


In the past I’ve tried Super Sculpey, plastic card, and even considered trying to etch brass.  None of these produced a satisfactory result.

Green Stuff, however, looked very promising.  I went to the local art store yesterday and they had some Milliput two part epoxy putty in stock.  Excellent! I thought about what the medallion’s shape should be.  I watched videos on YouTube to learn more about working with epoxy putties.  I was all ready to finally finish this project.

Then I went to the storage room.  I can’t find the model.  In my last move I separated most of my 1/285 stuff from my 1/2400 ships.  1/285 stuff went to storage and the naval stuff came with me.  Somehow, I thought the monument was in the bits bin that came along with my hobby tools.  I haven’t found it yet.  Perhaps this project will have to wait another couple of years…