I thought it would useful to have a page to display some of my completed projects.  I hope you enjoy!

U.S. Coast Guard Cutters – Models by Viking Forge, the decals are my own creation. I’m still looking for something suitable for the helicopter landing pad.

Squadron of Pegasus class PHMs – Models by GHQ. I was experimenting with ways of depicting the rooster tails thrown up by these patrol craft when riding on the foils.

8 Gun Schooner – Model by GHQ. This is my first attempt at a 1/1200 scale age of sail warship. The rigging on this model is minimal and yet was a very daunting task. I’m hopeful quality etched brass ratlines will be available soon to finish it.


More to follow!


2 responses to “Gallery

  1. More please! Would love to see your 1/2400 modern navies. Wouldn’t scoff at your WWII stuff but I assume they are much more extensive.

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