I have been a war gamer and collector for almost 30 years.  At its high point my collection totaled more than 10,000 miniatures including ships, aircraft, and armored vehicles.  I have dabbled in making my own miniatures, terrain features, and game accessories using everything from plastic stock, to casting resin and etched brass.  Some of those techniques I’ve mastered.  Some could most charitably be called works in progress.  From time to time I have been a contributor and collaborator with Clash of Arms Games for their Trilogy series of naval war games and I look forward to working with them on future projects.

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  1. Hi, I have just been looking at your great work on the GHQ forum and came across some fascines you made and very kindly offer to make some if anyone needed. Are you still able to make these?

    • Richard,
      Thanks for the interest. I should be able to help you out but not until after the new year, if you would be kind enough to remind me towards the end of January. I’ve recently moved and my hobby stuff hasn’t caught up to me yet.

  2. Hi

    Will wondering throught the net, I noticed that you maybe are now located in Italy.

    I recently moved there myself and looking for historical miniature gamers. Could you be of any assistance to me?


    • Lee,
      Welcome to Italy! Where do you live? I’m in Naples and haven’t seen anything in the way of actual gaming. If you’re familiar with the GHQ miniatures website and forum there are a couple of Italians from Milan that occasionally mention games in their area. I don’t see many brick and mortar hobby shops and the ones that I have seen don’t really carry anything for historical gaming so I can’t tell how common historical gaming is in Italy. Of course, if you find anything where you live pass the information along I would love to know about it.


  3. You have some great looking miniatures especially modern naval, but too bad you are way down in Napoli. I am stationed up in Vicenza. We have a small group, but I am pretty much the only one with miniatures. It is a little better than the community around Port Hueneme where I was last which had no community. Let me know if you are up this way. Was going to try and hit Salute 15, but have a 2 week TDY timed exactly this weekend.

    • It is good to hear that there are still groups out there. I’ve recently made contact with someone here who just moved to the area – unfortunately I’m packing out for a move back to the States in June. He’s supposed to run me through a Napoleonic tutorial game this weekend so I’ll mention your group to him.

  4. Thank you for posting so many Viking Forge ships, while they should be doing it you are convincing me I don’t have to wait for GHQ to catch up, the VF quality lools pretty fine.
    I can’t seem to properly register on GHQ forums, but was curious if your modern GHQ BB IOWA and CGN California offered there were painted or assembled bare metal, or in the package?


    • Viking Forge has come a long way. Some of their models were home grown others, the ones with “SB” in the catalog number were made in Europe under the SeaBattle name. VF bought the rights to cast them here in the U.S. if I understand things correctly. I have quite a few of the SB vessels and they’re pretty good. Casting isn’t quite as crisp as GHQ but the range is much wider.

    • Rory, to answer your question about the GHQ Iowa and California. Right now they are assembled and primed but not painted. I intend to strip them down unless it is preferred to keep them this way. I’m on a bit of a paint stripping kick rick now and want to get everything done at once.

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