Silence on the net…

     I haven’t posted recently but I haven’t been idle either.  Remember when I wrote the piece about 3D printing?  Well that got me thinking and that can be a dangerous thing.  3D printing could be the technology that scratches a lot of kitbashing itches that I have.  Ultimately it could be the technology that allows me to make some of the ships I would like to have in my 1/2400 collection but could never hope for a traditional manufacturer to produce.

     Since I know very little about CAD software I realize it would be too great a leap to jump right in and start designing a ship for 3D printing.  Instead I decided to take baby steps and slowly build up my experience and knowledge bases.  For a long time now I’ve wanted to procure 55 gal. oil drums in 1/285 scale for use in supply depots or as truck cargo but as far as I know none are available commercially.  There are several choices available in other scales such as these produced by SGTS Mess.

Image Image

     It seemed like a pretty good place to start.  Once I designed one oil drum I could make several different configurations for different trucks or for a supply depot and maybe I could sell a few through Shapeways to pay for future development.  So I downloaded the free trial version of TurboCAD while I wait for my full version to arrive from Amazon and started making my oil drum.  Let me just say that I never expected to be cranking out products on day one but TurboCAD is kicking my butt.  Now I don’t really have any documentation so I’m learning by trial and error and the few YouTube tutorials that are out there.  The process is taking a long time.  which is why I haven’t been posting here at all.

     I’ve buckled down and ordered the companion tutorial disks and I keep my eyes out locally for any training books I might find but in the meantime I get myself frustrated with things that look more like Oscar the Grouch’s garbage can than they do an oil drum.  The grind continues…

One response to “Silence on the net…

  1. For some barrels, ammo crates, and sacks in 6mm/1:285 scale I just found out about a firm in England called ‘Perfectsixscenics’. You might want to check them out.

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