Professional? Embarrassment

     I have long been a fan of the storage boxes sold by I-94 Enterprises and have purchased hundreds of them over the years.  Dave Winfree is a great guy to work with.  Any issues I’ve ever had with his products, and there very very few, he fixed immediately.  I wanted extra foam inserts, no problem.  I wanted extra data card inserts, no problem.  I-94 is a class act all the way around.

     Raiden Miniatures is a company I discovered only relatively recently, back in 2009 I think.  What has impressed me about their models is the range of available aircraft, both WWII and Modern, the pace with which new models are added, and the price.  The Raiden aircraft I’ve purchased are very good models, some minor flaws here and there but very good none the less.  The only miniatures company out there with a better product is GHQ.  With prices roughly 33% or less of GHQ’s prices the value of Raiden’s miniatures is much higher.  GHQ models are beautiful but they are not three times better.

     So why do I bring any of this up at all?  Well, after doing the piece on flight stands I was looking around the Raiden site to see what they have coming up for release next.  I was excited to see F-104 Starfighters with and without tip tanks are available as well as F-5 Freedom Fighters.  But I was shocked to discover that Dave at I-94 Enterprises bought out Raiden Miniatures!  And it happened back in September!  I guess I should read the news more.

     In a selfish way I’m very pleased to hear this news.  It will make these models cheaper and easier to acquire in the U.S. but obviously others around the world may not see the same savings.  

     Dave, if you ever see this, Awesome job!  Good Luck!

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