The all important first photo

Israeli Air Force Miniatures by Raiden Miniatures (1/285)

With a blog that is intended to feature wargame miniatures selecting the first photo can be daunting.  Is the focus correct?  Is the paint scheme correct and presentable?  I went through my Image Shack and Photobucket archives to find something, anything that might make readers want to come back.  The image I finally selected is a quartet of Israeli Air Force aircraft, two A-4 Skyhawks and two Super Mystere from Raiden Miniatures in 1/285 scale.

6 responses to “The all important first photo

  1. They’d look great on a background of the mediterranean sea, it’s amzing how low their aircraft flew during operations in the opening stages of the ‘6-day War’!.. Plus a blue background would contrast with the paint job nicely.

  2. Nice paint on these minis! I would like to see more of your work!!! Did you know the A-4 master was sculpted in Mosul, Iraq, 2004? Quite possibly the Super Mystere B2 was done there too but I cannot be certain, so long ago. Am glad that you enjoy the Raiden line. I have a few others that were on hold by me due to lack of time that may yet see the light of day.

    George Kettler
    Raiden figure sculptor

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