Begin the Begin

  Welcome to my blog about all things micro scale.  I’ll be featuring 1/285 scale micro armor tanks and aircraft, 1/1200 scale age of sail vessels, 1/2400 scale WWII and Modern warships, 1/6000 scale Modern warships, and custom made terrain and dioramas.  I will also be featuring product reviews of the many excellent and the not-so-excellent models that I have purchased over the past 25 years of wargaming and collecting.  Feel free to leave comments or ask questions along the way and hopefully we can all learn something.

2 responses to “Begin the Begin

  1. Paul, I like your blog, look forward to see some of your great stuff again. I appreciate you sharing your ideas and experience with us/me. I am looking forward to the step by step process of the Skorpion construction. Another gamer was two from me, since I picked up 4 from you, I do not want to let them go…. So I may need to defend the Skorpions with a major war game battle…that’ll work!

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